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Kingdom Hearts Badfics

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Following in the tradition of many other badfic and mary sue journals, such as marysues and deleterius, this community is dedicated to finding and sporking of bad Kingdom Hearts fics.

The community is open to any who wish to join, provided you have no problems with following certain rules.


Do not post sporkings as a vendetta against someone. ie: I hate her, so I'll spork her favourite fic!
2: Due to copyright reasons, please do not post entire chapters or stories when sporking, unless the fic in question is your own. Also, do not link directly to LiveJournal users without their permission.
3: Keep the mocking to the community only, we aren't here to harass the authors. However, if the authors turn up in the community, you may respond as you see fit, so long as it remains within the community and does not violate the rules.
4: Please keep all criticism to the story itself. While it might be tempting to pick on the writers, we aren't here for that.
5: Check the Sporked Fics List before posting, as the fic may have already been sporked.
6: Try to keep in mind certain factors, such as English being a second language, affect people's writing and certain allowances might need to be made.
7: Try and list some redeeming features when sporking. If the fic is reasonably well written, make a note of it.
8: If you decide to review a fanfic that was sporked here, please do not link to this community or tell the writer they have been sporked. Part of the appeal of sporking is being able to vent without the author knowing.
9: Please keep posts related to the community, such as sporking and requests. If you want to talk about your personal life, save it for your journal.
10: Finally, have fun! This is entirely for fun and not to be taken too seriously.

Please use the following form for sporking (shamelessly copied from many different sue journals)

(ranging from one shadow = 'painful, but still managable' to five shadows = 'DIE! DIE! DIE!' and the extra special 'This fic scares even Ansem', for when you just can't give it enough shadows. Information on how to place the Shadow and Ansem icons can be requested upon joining.)

Full Name (including any titles):
Full Species(es):
Hair Color (include adjectives):
Eye Color (include adjectives):
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features:
Special Possessions (if any):

Connections To Canon Characters:
Special Abilities:
Other Annoying Traits:

I Say/Notes:

(don't forget to put this part behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how, read this FAQ.)

Interested in joining? Have a look at the community FAQ page for more information, including the location of those icons.

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