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Apparently, Naga!Riku has relatives in Voreland. This is their story.

Note: I wanted to post this onto heartless_fics, but for some reason it won't let me, so until then I'll slap it on here.
Rise from your grave!

Okay, so basically here I was, bored. browsing Y! Gallery to see what badfic was ripe for the picking. AND THIS WAS THE FIRST ENTRY. LIKE, TOP HIT.

I haven't read it yet, so this will be a stream of consciousness funnelled through the KH characters... At least now that I've actually played the games maybe I won't butcher charaterizations.

Demyx's Lunch (Archived at Y!Gallery; you'll have to deactivate filters to see the main attractions.)

kh2kid, also a co-author by the name of CameoAmalthea.

Rating:   One for Not!Roxas and Naga!Demyx, the people related in name only to actual three-dimensional characters. One for avoidable and annoyingly consistent spelling and grammar mistakes, that end up making Roxas sound like he has either a sort of Texan accent or extensive brain damage. One for the completely and utter disregard of science, in this base biology, and for making the fetish it's supposedly created to cater to a turnoff. I must admit I don't know any vore fetishists, but I doubt that manyof them would see this as quality.

Full Name (including any titles): Demyx and Roxas, mentioning of Axel, Xion, Xigbar (who are all nagas as well, because the OrgXII+1 wasn't screwed up enough already and Nagas are superior and righteous and awesome and so are Nobodies so lets make them freely exchancegeable, 'k?). Also somebody named Siax. Management would like to congratulate Saïx on his successful escape from Voreland (a flawless strawman substitution) and his badass umlaut.

Full Species(es): Homo nobodiae emotica erotica ("The Nobody with OMG FEELINGS") and Stercus Stercus Naga Materfutuerant Sunt, Necant Cum Ignis (mangled latin: Shit, shit, it's a motherfucking Naga, kill it with fire!), with a dash of Naga Superior and Homo inferior because humans are dirty and smell like broccoli.

Hair Color: As canon.

Eye Color: As canon.

Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: I think Demyx has had his ear pierced. Oh, wait, no, he's just been twisted into an abomination which very existence is tormenting anguish to all life. Especially Roxas.

Special Possessions (if any): Bizarre Alien Biology (Two stomachs! Be twice as hungry! The first one doesn't actually do anything, because lugging food around instead of using that energy to secure further resources is an excellent - You followin' me, camera guy ?- evolutionary advantage in predators that can't afford lugging extra weight! Call now: 1-800-83177322714, that is 1-800-WHATTHEFUCK), slave collars, what is either a kind of Texan accent or a broken keyboard, a Lost Lamb (do not pass go, go to vore immediately, do not collect canon) which hopefully isn't supposed to be symbolic for Roxas innocence or something (second analysis suggests that the runaway lamb is in fact either Roxas' characterization or 90% of his brainmass, judging by his slurred speech throughout the fic. Management applauds Roxas for removing as much of himself as possible from Voreland in a supposedly inescapable situation, keeping cool in the face of Lovecraftian abominations. He will be retrieved, reassembled and receive counselling shortly. Meanwhile, the Roxas!Soul!lamb will team up with Saïx and They Fight Crime), a spare Xemnas. Not to be outdone, we once again star Roxas' outrageous flavour.

Origin: A fanfiction writer with a strange infatuation for mythological creatures who's brain goes "Eating = Sex".

Connections to Canon Characters: Failed super-soldier program as envisioned by Hojo, Mr. Hyde and Dr. Moreau.

Special Abilities: Vore. They don't even have to unhinge their jaw or anything, they're probably made of rubber. Inb4OnePiecevorefics.

Other Annoying Traits: Look at me, I am a Naga. I am super beautiful and superior. Also humans taste like sex to me. Wheeeeeeeee. The only thing missing is sparkle and Japanese.

I Say/Notes: Sadly, this is nowhere near the utter absurdity of Snakes on a Sora, so I'll miss my great chance to follow the footsteps of the Great Elder Sporkers. Nevertheless, the whole notion of eating as sex just squicks me personally and the author doesn't even seem to try. Spelling and grammar further detract from any sort of experience this could be.
Oh, wait, there isn't any sex. Roxas' penis is licked, but aside from that, nobody orgasms or anything. He's just eaten whilst Demyx licks him, then vomited up near the end. That's it. And people get off on this, aparently.

The lights in the theater are still on and Demyx and Axel are already lounging lazily. The theater has been slighly remodelled; the seats, whilst still in rows like a cinema, are now more like armchairs and the cupholders have been upgraded.

Axel: Spare us the long introductions and get on with i-*zap*  OW!
Axel: Son of a byte!

And as the comedy quota is fulfilled for now, Riku and Sora warp in with all manners of fantastic special effects, twirling of keyblades, explosions of light and Frobozz Brand Instant Runes, which this sporking has too little a budget to fully describe.

Sora, Riku: Hey there.
Axel: It's been too short.
Kairi: *enters from back* There was a door, you know.
Sora, Riku: *ignore, cross keyblades* Snackaga!

With less special effects and lavish descriptions, lashings of ginger beer snacks appear for everyone. They all sit down.

Sora: Hm, comfy.
Riku: *pulls a lever* With a footrest!
Axel: And bigger cupholders.
Sora: What gives? Why so generous? *slurps Slushie*
Axel: Well, Sora, our fic today is... *motions Demyx*
Demyx: *strums his sitar, which created foreboding organ sounds because he's just that awesome*
Axel: ...*turns around, holds a flashlight under his chin, flips it on just as all other lights go out* *faces the Trinity quickly, making a rapeface* Another naga fic...
Riku: *coughs up popcorn* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Both: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *look at Kairi* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *look at Axel* AAAAAAAAAAAAH!! *look at each other* AAAAAAAAAH !! *look at Axel* AAAAAAAAAAH! *loo-
~*[We are experiencing technical difficulties]*~
Sora: *rubs head* Owwwie.
Riku: *same* Yowch.
Demyx: *fetal position* notthesitardonttouchitiwillbegoodhappyplaaaace
Kairi: *shakes hand* You guys, focus. The faster we do this without unneccesary detours, the quicker this is over. Right, Axel?
Axel: *choking on flashlight* Chhraglrraarrrgl...

Demyx was resting on the branch of a tree when he heard his stomach grumbling for the fifth time. It's been five years since that human kid turned up and all the naga could think about was devouring the boy.

Axel: *cough, hack* ...Ah, see how magnificent and superior nagas are.
Sora: We are in awe.
All: *awestruck*
Roxas: *projectify!* ...Why me.
Axel: Roxas! Balm for my tortured senses.

*Snippity snip - Axel bought those sheep and they're super important (plot devices)*

"Who're you looking for?" Demyx cried out. Every time he goes up behind Roxas and says "Hi" the kid jumps like he had a heart attack.

Demyx: *jumps up behing Roxas' chair* Boo!
Roxas: ?! *auto-Keyblade*
Demyx: Ow. Aparently not... Oh look at those birdies. *falls backwards*

If he stayed in the tree, he'd know the kid thought he wasn't going to try anything. Which is completely untrue, as he began to slither down the tree, making sure to stay far away from the boy, giving him the space he needed. "Maybe I can help."

Kairi: Sense.
Sora: This makes none.
Riku: Well, he says if he stays in the tree, then he would know Roxas thought - wait what.
Kairi: Conditional sentences do not belong there.
Axel: Amen.
Roxas: As for the space, how about you go... off-planet.

Being around naga, with the exception of Axel and Xion, always made Roxas a little nervous.

Sora: Xion - wait, I...
Riku: Xion.
Roxas: XION?!
Axel: Man, not even fading from memory protects you from bad fanfics...
Demyx: So how do we remember her?
Cid: The theatre is inside a plothole. You'll forget once you're outside.
Roxas: *sadface*

After all, most the naga in this village hated humans or saw them as food. Even though he knew most probably wouldn't hurt him, he was Axel's after all an had a collar to prove it, he couldn't help being a bit afraid when meeting one alone.

Axel: WHAT.
Roxas: Not again.
Axel: Must. resist urge. To assess. Heterosexuality.

Then there was Demyx, who seemed to go out of his way to startle or scare him. Today was no exception, because the sudden sound caused him to jump. He relaxed soon enough, and recognized the voice. He looked up to see Demyx slithering down from a tree. "Oh, hey Demyx." he greeted, "um, I'm looking for a lost lamb actually, have you seen one?"

Demyx: *stands up, still groggy* No but if you have the license number of that Large Body that ran me over, I'd like to know.

"Hmmm... nope can't say I have." Roxas only gave him a glare "and I didn't eat it. I swear! You'd be able to tell. Besides, I'm really hungry anyways." he tried to say without sounding startling but he could tell by the face on Roxas he was still uncomfortable.

Sora: *as Demyx* Hellooooo Roxas I am a giant snake and I eat people.
Riku: *as same* Hey look my entire species hates humans and thinks they're only fooooood.
Kairi: *ditto* Gee willikers, am I hungry. Huh, you look uncomfortable.
Deymx: *also as Naga!Demyx* I wonder whyyyy?

Even still, Demyx moved in slowly on the boy, subtly smelling the air to get a whiff of the boy's aroma.

Sora: *loud snorting noises*
Riku: *as Demyx* Roxas, did you eat a bun with mincemeat and onions? And tsatziki?
Roxas: ...no?

Eventually he reached the boy, who almost looked like he was cringing. "Well how about we look for him together?" he said as he moved his nose into the blonde's hair inhaling deeply. He smelled sweet, yet almost salty, before Roxas pulled his head away and Demyx smiled back warmly.

Kairi: *motions Awkward Turtle*
Roxas: I will never be able to eat sea-salt ice cream ever again. Also, personal space.
Sora: Well, looks like you already ate so much of it it leaks out of every pore.
Axel: About 358/2 bars, I'd guess.
Destiny Trio: *jawdrop*

*Snip snap. Roxas hopes to distract Demyx with searching for a sheep, because he can track by scent even though he isn't a hunter. Because nagas are superior.*

"Well then let's get going." Demyx smiled, waving a hand for Roxas to lead the way. "He couldn't have gotten very far." For minutes they walked in silence, except for the grumbling of Demyx's stomach who tried covering it with a cough hoping Roxas didn't hear it. Demyx tried to think of a way to let Roxas know that if he ate him, he'd be fine, and he'd spit him out... eventually, but every scenario led to Roxas running away crying. "Y'know Roxie... nagas are quite different from humans. Did you know we have TWO stomachs?" Demyx tried to make it sound casual as he cracked a grin, looking at Roxas fro his reaction.

Roxas: *suddenly wears an enormous afro* *super bored look*
Sora: Watch out!
Everyone: *dodges Exposition Anvil*

Roxas looked at him, cocking an eye brow. "That's...interesting." He said, "does that make you like twice as hungry as humans would be, an Demyx if you want to leave and go get something to eat, I don't mind. You're stomach's been growling, and you don't have to stay and help me."

Kairi: *rustles imaginary note cards* We interrupt your badfic for breaking news: We're reporting from the scene of a tragic sentence trainwreck. Riuku, do you have any details?
Riku: Well, Kairi, innocent consonants were ejected from the cart for and as the sentences collided. My sources indicate that a question and an exclamation tried to maneuvre around each other and collided horribly, mashing their contents into one convoluted mess.
Kairi: Our prayers are with the poor sentences, their grammar and the readers. And now to Axel with the weather.
Axel: Tomorrow, the sun explodes. Afterwards, there really  isn't any weather for a while. Followed by a light shower of burnination.
Sora: We now return to your regular program. You're watching the voreland channel.

*Snippity. Demyx explains their superior biology. Because having an internal backpack (the first stomach is The Stomach That Doesn't Do Anything) is much better then, say, digesting the food and just storing the processed nutrients. But Nagas, being superior, have a voretastic plot device stomach. Dear Readers, there are people out there who are turned on by this.*

"I guess that could be useful," he said, like not having to carry canteens of water or provisions of food for later. You could eat enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the morning, and then just push food down to be digested throughout the day. "Find any apples?"

Kairi: Wait, everyone! My common sense is tingling! Why not use, I dunno, metabolic water from burning fat? And how would eating breakfast but not digesting last any longer and make you less hungry then just... eating breakfast?
Sora: Kairi, you're applying Earth logic to a badficcer who's about to have a Nagasm.
Riku: We're here for you. At least it's not me this time.

*Snippity. Like that scene in Twilight that never happened, Demyx looses himself to Roxas' Outrageous Flavour™ and pounces on him.

Roxas made a gasping sound as the wind was knocked out him. That ha hurt, and the worst bit was not being able to scream for a moment even though he tried, he had to wait until he refilled him lungs to make a sound, an then groaned, "that hurt!" He then realized the Demyx had coiled him, and was licking him. "Demyx? Demyx what are you doing?" He asked alarmed.

Demyx: I'm knitting a sweater, obviously.
Riku: Paging the Department of Redundancy Department.
Kairi: Considering he's large enough to eat him, wouldn't the impact of that much mass from a height of a tree at least break some bones?
Sora: Vorefic. Nobody dies until the snakes get their groove on.
Roxas: WHY.
Axel: Pull yourself together. You killed Heartless worse then this.
Roxas: Yes, but there I had friends or partners or a keyblade or common sense.

"What does it look like? I'm tasting you." Demyx smiled, continuing to move his forked tongue over the 16 year olds neck. "God damn it, you taste so good."

Sora: Gee, that underage vibe sure adds even more awkward, huh?
Kairi, Riku: *awkward turtle x2 combo!*

"Demyx," said Roxas, firmly, although he couldn't keep the fear from his voice. "You're my friend right, I mean, you wouldn't hurt me, seriously?"
"Of course not Roxie. Does it look like I'm going to hurt you?" He giggled as he wound his tail around Roxas' hands pinning them to his waist, as Demyx continued to lick down Roxas' bare back to his waist. He used his coils to slowly turn Roxas over, their lips millimeters apart.

Axel: Hey Roxas, the Lost & Found place called. They found your spine.
Sora: Pornstar name alert.
Kairi: Your powers of observation are stunning.
Riku: Has the author ever had a snake on their arm? Those things grip like hell.
Demyx: I guess that answers that question.
Roxas: It looks like you're gonna hurt me more than just physically, yes. Considering that I'm wrapped in coils of snake that couls easily strangle me, these coils being attached to an abomination that gets off on my 'flavour' and since that thing has immobilized me and starts to play with me...
Axel: You're fucked.

"Just sit back and enjoy the ride." he whispered as he gave Roxas a quick lick on the nose.

"I don't know what it looks like, but it doesn't look right." he said, being tied up, and locked, it felt, well nice kind of, but intimate as well. He wondered if Axel would mind, and wasn't Demyx dating Siax now, or was it Xigbar this week? Either way concepts like monogamy probably didn't mean much to Demyx anyway. Still, Roxas couldn't help but smile as his nose was playfully licked.

Axel: Looks like parts of your brain were still attached to your spine when you lost it.
Sora: Who the heck is Siax?
Kairi: Uh. Demyx. You're a giant snake in the middle of nagasming all over an underage Roxas.
Demyx: I'm trying to face the horror in small chunks.

Demyx stopped and looked at Roxas' face. The little liar was smiling. "It may not be right, but you seem to be enjoying it." He trailed his tongue down the other boys cheek, moving his lips to his ear. "Let's keep this our little secret, okay?" he whispered, moving his head down lower giving the boy's chest a lick, coating it in a thin layer of saliva, then looked up to see if he liked it.

Kairi: *pulls out bingo card* It's Not Rape If They Enjoy It.
Demyx: I can't find any appropriate music, because there's no such thing as "Dive into the Stomach - Nagati".

He liked it all right, and that was perfectly clear, but he shouldn't. "I'm with Axel, you know, and I'm pretty sure you're with someone, and Demyx, are you going to eat me?"

Demyx stopped to look at him. Things just got serious. "Roxas, I would never do anything you don't want to do... but this is an exception.

Roxas: That makes it a-okay then.
Demyx: I'd never do anything to hurt you, or anything you don't want - well, except for now. :D

I promise it won't hurt, and It's not like you'll die or anything." Demyx still wasn't sure he convinced him. "Roxas, look me in the eyes, and tell me you aren't enjoying this." he said as he moved to the boy's flat stomach licking some more, as he put his tongue inside the kid navel knowing it was his ace in hole. Now that he was with Xigbar, the stuck up guy never wanted anything, including affection. The fact that he was doing this and getting away with it felt glorious.

Roxas relaxed, eyes clothing as he sighed. "yeah, it feels good." Besides, he felt bad for not trusting Demyx, "an I do trust you."

Axel: Roxas, is that the newest haute couture I spy in your sclera?
Kairi: Did you dye your irises?
Riku: Awesome pupil styling, dude.
Roxas: It's all no-name, I swear.

"Good." Demyx said as he released Roxas from his coils, knowing this time he wouldn't run away or try to punch him in the face again. Demyx moved his hand over Roxas' body, down to the hem of his shorts, still confused as why a kid needed to wear something like that. With a quick tug, he understood, continuing to move down to Roxas' feet where he began running his tongue between the kids toes as they wiggled around. Finally, he opened his mouth as wide as it could go taking the boy's feet in.

Kairi: Reports have reached us about a second crash.
Riku: These trains were carrying replacement consonants for Roxas' disjointed speech pattern but tragically crashed into the one carrying his lost spine and common sense.
Sora: Poor Roxas is now Trapped In Voreland, one-dimensional and with what I imagine sounds like a Texan accent.

Roxas blushed as Demyx tugged at his shorts. Maybe he should back out of this now, maybe they should stop. Then, Demyx was down at his feet. He giggled as the licking ticked him, then gasped as Demyx took his feet into his mouth. "Demy?" He asked again, unsure, though not exactly expecting an answer.

Demyx kept licking his toes slower as if to sooth the boy down as he gulped down hard sending Roxas' feet into his throat. Demyx moaned as his gullet stretched to fit the enormous meal in.

Demyx: Hey, Roxas, you can add "Being recognnized as a person" to the list of things you lost.
Roxas: Nobody, remember?
Axel: I thought that there was not you.
Roxas: The jerk has a point.
Axel: *summons chakrams* Multiple, if you want to.

Roxas didn't calm but seemed to panic. But, Demyx wouldn't hurt him, and hadn't he said his first stomach just held things. Roxas tried to relax, and to struggle, trusting that this wouldn't end with him as lunch. Besides, it felt kind of nice, being swallowed.

Kairi: Because asphyxation, chewing, not fitting or Naga!Demyx going completely bonkers and just swallowing is not an issue with your magical snake-things.
Riku, Sora: Earth logic.

Demyx continued to swallow, dragging Roxas along the ground into his gaping maw. He couldn't ask Roxas if everything was okay so he gave Roxas the thumbs up as if to ask "Everything okay?"

Roxas looked unsure, for a moment. But surely Demyx asking if he was all right meant he wasn't planning on killing him. So Roxas nodded.

Demyx wrapped his tail around Roxas and dragged him with him to the nearest tree where Demyx leaned up against it, using his tail to push Roxas in deeper, the boy now in is mouth up to his thighs. The naga moaned in pleasure feeling the feet moving around inside his throat, wondering if Roxas liked this just as much as he did.

Roxas: Gee, this is slimy and wet and it stinks like whatever in buggery you ate yesterday. I can feel myself getting my rocks of at this, oh yes. Warm, slimy, cramped and stinky, not to mention teeth (possibly venomous) scraping again sensitive parts of my anatomy. Super sexy. And this whatthefuckery sandwhich is garnished with a dash of "Wait, am I seriously in the maw of an abomination that looses control of itself at my smell and does have the means to trap and digest me without a chance of escape?"
Sora: Look in your hair, maybe you find a shuriken of +9999 improbability.
Riku: Reminder: That one didn't help, ultimately.
All three: ...*cry*

Roxas did like it, and moaned as if to show he did, "more, swallow again." He urged, it was so warm in Demyx's throat , He wanted to be further in.

Tumbleweed: *rolls through theatre*
Cricket: *chirp chirp*
Axel: So, Roxas, you get off o-*fist in face*

Demyx smiled, knowing that they were both enjoying it. Demyx swallowed further so that Roxas' waist was sitting in his mouth as he stopped swallowing to move his tongue around that curious part the boy had, this was tasted different, almost milky, and definitely saltier. He continued to comb through it, not knowing if Roxas approve.

Kairi: I, for one, do not approve of this wanton cruelty to the english language.
Axel: Ha, your superior nagas are as anatomically impaired as a Ken doll.
Sora: Well, at least you escaped the surprise buttsex before being eaten.
Riku: *Snakes on a Sora flashback* *twitch* *twitch twitch*
Roxas: And I thought my existence was bad.

"Ohhh Demyx!" That felt good, that felt, well, definitely sexual, definitely cheating! Axel, he couldn't, "Demyx, don't." They were friends, he didn't want to ruin their friendship complicate things. Then why was he letting Demyx do any of this. As it was, he was half way inside Demyx, and his rapidly hardening organ was being explored by Demyx's tongue, and he knew this had probably gone way too far. The most ridiculous part was he more concerned about cheating on Axel the fact Demyx could very easily make him dinner.

Sora: So, cheating on someone feels like being devoured by a giant monstermashing snake.
Riku: The catholic church should take notes.
Kairi: *sheds a tear for poor, young sentence structure*
Axel: Roxas - I, personally, don't mind; let yourself be eaten by that Eldritch Abomination. If its sated, I can burn it more easily.
Roxas: Gee, thanks for your help.
Axel: Well, the implication is that I'm another one of these... things, so of this one eats you, you're of of there and I don't have to appear as your Monstrosity In Scaley Armor and make it all better with healing buttsex and then eat you for your sins or something.
Kairi: Axel, you just jinxed it.

Demyx Knew what the kid was thinking when he told him to stop. It was about Axel, that jackass, thinking about someone else in this moment. For a second, thoughts of digesting the little jerk seemed so likely. "What the hell am I thinking?" he thought. This kid whom always thought he was crazy finally decided to trust him, and Demyx was going to betray him?

Sora: What's this, I don't even
Kairi: Has anyone even decides as to how far go look more like?
Riku: English, nagaf*cker, do you speak it?

He couldn't kill him, but he could make him regret trusting him. Demyx swallowed more so the manipulated body part was squeezed into his throat in a burst of flavor, then slowly, and carefully, he began to close his teeth on the boy's flat stomach, not hard enough to draw blood, but to give a good amount of sharp pain for a second, as he began to wrap his tail around the boy's head, covering his eyes so he couldn't see what was going on, and pinning his hands to his sides again.

Demyx: That's what you get for being reasonable, Roxas!
Roxas: *happy place*

Roxas cried out in pain. He was biting him? Before he had been gentle, careful. Then Roxas’ eyes were covered by as the tip of the nagas tail blindfolded him. This was not good, he felt so helpless suddenly, pinned, blindfolded, and in pain. It was frightening, because Roxas had a feeling that he'd made Demyx angry by refusing him, and that if the naga wanted he could easily kill him. It wasn't like though, it was just, they were friends, not more than that. Then if they were friends, Demyx wouldn't hurt him, except now he seemed perfectly willing to hurt him? He liked it though, it made his heart rush, and everything intensify, his want, his need, but still, he was afraid.

Sora: People... get off on this?
Riku: Rule... 36? I think.
Kairi: I think it was 63. And I see more of this not-English. Wanna do the anchorman sketch again?
Sora: No, I'm running low on funny point. Sorry.

Demyx could feel the pulsating of Roxas' heart up his tail. He couldn't tell if it was out of fear or adrenaline, but he liked it all the same. After he felt he got enough fear out of the kid, he continued to swallow, Roxas now in Demyx's mouth up to his chest, his feet just popping into the nagas first stomach. Demyx removed his tail tip from his eyes, and used a free hand to stroke his cheek, smiling inside. His tongue still ran on Roxas' bare back, and in-between his shoulder blades, savoring the flavor in these last moments of Roxas being in his mouth.

Sora: Question one: His free hand - so what is the other one doing?
Roxas: I know this one. Remember, he doesn't have a... that. And probably not even any... you know.

Kairi: Question two: If his tail is over poor Roxas' eyes, how does he feel his heart?
Axel: This does not bode well. In before Heartless!Roxas.
Riku: Question three: Did the author pay any attention at all in biology? Adrenaline causes the fight or flight response, and one aspect of that is a quicker heartbeat. There is no difference between adrenaline and fear in that respect. Except if he expects Roxas to be into S&M and asphyxation, too.

Roxas could feel the inside of the nagas belly expanding around his feet. Demyx was up to his chest, soon he'd be all the way down, and Roxas was starting have second thoughts about all this. Part of him wanted to scream, to tell him to spit him out right now! Except, another part was of him was enjoying it too much, he wanted to slide deeper, to just let go and let the other have him. Still another part of him was afraid, afraid to speak up, because he wanted to trust his friend, or maybe because he was afraid that if he spoke up, Demyx wouldn't listen. However, as the naga stroked his cheek, it comforted him, an the licking felt nice. He smiled, "I trust you."

Roxas: Because it's not like your just TRIED TO EAT ME or BIT INTO ME and BLINDFOLDED ME.
Axel: He's a naga, that makes it awwwwwright.
Demyx: Yes, Roxas, listen to the voice and let go. Touch the fire. Stick your fingers in the socket. Draw a mustache on the Superior's face, with waterproof marker. Insist that Zexion is emo. Pee into Marluxia's garden. Replace Larxene's knifes with Nerf darts.
Roxas: Common sense, where are you?
Sora: ...And what happened to those sheep?
Riku: What sheep?
Sora: They were looking for them, remember? At the start of the plot.
Kairi: Wait, there was a plot?

Demyx built up the energy for one last big gulp as he sent Roxas' head completely down his throat. The naga let out a rush of air, as he leaned back on the tree, feeling the wriggling from inside his throat. He looked down to see the huge bulge on his belly, knowing his little friend was finally inside. Demyx let out moans of pleasure as he felt the body slide completely inside his stomach. He rubbed the protruding skin, to comfort the boy. He knew he must be scared, after all, he kept torturing the kid that he was going to eat him, and now he had. "Roxas..." he said quite loud. "Roxas, can you hear me? I want to thank you. I promise I'll let you out of there soon." he said as he continued to stroke the boy within him.

Demyx: And with soon, I mean... NEVER! Because you taste like sex. Precioussss.
All: *edge away*
Sora:  I think he's lost it.

*Bla bla, Roxas struggles in vain to express common sense and sounds like a retard whilst doing so. "We're still friends, right?" Remember, kids: Don't eat your friends, else you can't rape them anymore after profoundly creeping them out.*

"Yeah, we're still friends. And It won't be awkward to me, cause I won't blab about this to anyone." Demyx knew if the superiors found it he had gotten some prey and let it go, he's be a laughing stock.... well MORE of a laughing stock.

Axel: Ha ha ha Demyx. Eats a human and lets it go. What a loser. Ha ha ha.
Demyx: *kabong*

"Whenever you want to get out, let me know. Just don't make it soon, I'm enjoying this." Demyx leaned back against the tree massaging his new meal, purring in the back of his throat from pleasure. He closed his eyes and soaked up the sun streaming down on his bare skin, wondering how this experience felt to the kid. He must be terrified from the whole idea of being in someone's stomach.

Demyx: What, you are terrified andwant out? Well... fuck you. Because I am a naga.

*Bla bla bla. Demyx won't eat him (probably) because - then he couldn't SURPRISE VORE him every  now and then. Roxas is officially... verily fucked. Rustling in the woods: to protext his manliness - nagaliness? - Demyx asks Roxas to pretend to piss himself more then he already did.
It's AXEL! :D*

"Demyx?! What the fuck?!" cried Axel, for indeed it was Axel.

Kairi: Told you you jinxed it.
Axel: What the fuck, indeed.
Riku: Ah, but was it really Axel?
Sora: Yes, for it is indeed Axel.

He slithered forward, slamming Demyx backward against the tree, and drawing one of his chakrams, "now, give me one reason not to slit you open right now?!"

Demyx: Um. Uuuh. Uh.
Axel: Scratch that, why haven't I already sliced you open, burnt your corpse and fed the remains to the weasels?
Roxas: Good question. Oh, wait, I am still in there.

Demyx practically screamed as Axel through him against the tree. "Gyah! Okay, okay, I know this looks bad... really bad, but I can explain."

Kairi: *cross on bingo card*

Roxas was still screaming so he shook his belly up and down "Shut up! You're not helping." He turned back to Axel. "Listen, I asked the kid nicely to eat him and he said yes! It's not like I was going to kill him or anything." Demyx grinned. Demyx knew Axel, and knew he wouldn't buy that story for an instant, even though it WAS true, but all he could do was stand there sweating. Roxas was his, and if Axel though he was going to hurt the kid, he was in huge trouble.

Axel rolled his eyes, "Yeah, right, come on Demyx if you're going to lie to me, at least make it something believable. You know Roxas is mine, and stealing is forbidden, the only one who could take him from me is a superior, which you, omega, definitely aren't. For stealing alone, I could kick your scrawny ass, but this...Demyx, I thought we were friends."

Axel: Friends. Always backstabbing you, stealing your stuff, eating your boytoys...
Roxas: *two Keyblade* Hombre...
Sora: This implies that out of all Nagas, Xemnas is the worst.
Kairi: Xemnas. Stealer of hearts. Destroyer of world. Has no fashion sense. But then, he eats boys and doesn't afraid of anything.

He moved the chakram away from his throat, "You know he's more to me than livestock but you'd still eat him? That's low, Demyx. We're pack, you and I, so I won't kill you, but you'd better spit him out!" "Axel! Axel," Roxas broke in, trying to get his attention. "He wasn't going to hurt me. We were just playing, that's all." Axel looked at Demyx, "Playing?"

"If you want to put it that casually, yes. We were simply playing." Then Demyx leaned closer so only Axel can hear "And the kid enjoyed it." he said before leaning back and talking normally. "I promised him I wouldn't hurt him, and we WERE only having fun. I swear I was going to spit him out eventually." Demyx said as he moved back and started gagging as much as he could as he felt the boy moving up his throat.

Axel: Congratulations, Roxas, you're now officialy vomit. *popcorn*
Roxas: *drowns sorrow in slushie*
Riku: And people still get off on that.
Roxas: *sob*

Axel shook his head, a pang of jealousy stabbing at his heart. Roxas was his, and something about the way Demyx said casually made the whole seem slightly sordid.


Roxas slid out, landing on the ground in a heap. He then stood, trying to brush off the dirt that clung to his wet skin, and shivering slightly. He looked up at Axel, slight fear in his eyes, and guilt. "I...I'm sorry Axel...I...it just sort of happened." Axel rolled his eyes, "Sure it did." He sighed, "I'm just glad you're all right Roxie." He then looked at Demyx, "Demyx, are you sure what you were doing was even safe? And Roxas, letting him do that, what if he'd decided he was too hungry to let you go, it would have been so easy just to..." He paused, sighing again, shaking his head. Roxas stepped forward, "Axel, it's not like. Demyx is a friend, that's it, you're the one I'm with, we were just messing around." "I'm sure you didn't start it." he said, again fixing his gaze on Demyx. Then he laughed, shaking his head. "hmm, Demyx, maybe I do need to teach you a lesson."

Riku: Ah, common sense, we barely knew ye.
Kairi: A brave effort, but ultimately vain.
Sora: SUBMIT to the badfic!

"Teach me a...?" Demyx's eyes went wide as he understood what Axel meant. "No. Axel please. You know how much I hate it." Axel was probably planning on eating him and that freaked out Demyx, he hated when it happened, yet loved being the one to do it. He turned to Roxas.

Roxas: *looks up* Is it over?
Riku: Looks like the tables are turning.
Roxas: Is that better or worse?
Sora: ... worse, probably.

"Don't just stand there dude, help me out here." He said as he was backed against the tree. "C'mon, I didn't kill you did I? Please I hate this. Axel NO!" He cried out as he felt the coils of the red headed naga wrap around his hand, stopping them from flailing around. Demyx closed his eyes, not wanting to see it coming, but it was no use as he could feel the hot breath of his friend on his face, then felt something wet and slimy run over his cheek. Demyx was expecting to get swallowed immediately but the other naga must want to make him suffer first. "Axel, please. Can't I just get a scolding? Anything but this." he cried out.

Axel: Oh sweet mother of darkness, anything but this.
Demyx: I agree to the fullest.
Kairi: ... at least, Demyx only has one hand.
Roxas: Woop-de-doo, so at least he wasn't wanking when he ate me. That would have been really horrible. I can take being seen as only an object of lust and being eaten by an unholy abomination, but darkness forbid he's fornicating.

At Demyx's desperate pleas Roxas couldn't help but burst out laughing. His total panic was just so...so funny. Especially after all the times he'd freaked Roxas out with his licking and teasing.

Roxas: *insane laughter, Higurashi-style*
Everyone else: *edges away*

*Snip again. Axel eats Demyx, and Roxas gets off on that because the irony is delicious (though probably not as delicious as Roxas himself). The sporker craves strong, hot tea and brain bleach*

Axel used his coils to lift Demyx upwards, practically upside down. That way gravity would help him to slide down. Axel swallowed again, and took in more of the other's body. The shoulders were difficult, but he was careful not to hurt Demyx, using his hands to keep Demyx's pinned at his sides so nothing would get snagged, and careful not to bite scrape Demyx with his fangs. He sucked him all the way, savoring his taste. He wondered what the texture of scales would be compared to skin. All the while, Roxas watched with a mixture of disgust, horror, and strange fascination. He liked watching Demyx go down, and not just out of a petty desire for pay back.

Axel: Roxas, it's over!
Roxas: If I leave this place, will I forget just about Xion or all of this?
Cid: Xion only.
Roxas: ...bugger. Pass the brain bleach, then.
Kairi: Here. Extra-strength. Sea-salt flavour. *notices look on Roxas face* Just kidding.
Riku: What would we do without you?
Sora: Go insane, I guess.
Demyx: ... there wasn't even any sex! Nobody orgasms or anything!
Sora: I still feel dirty.
Roxas: I still feel violated.
Axel: I still feel the need to incinerate the author.

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