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Twisting Legs and Burning Insides 2 (last)

Part one can be found here.

Namine claps with delight, gasps with fear, and itches to draw,

Sora: AH! Can't.. hold.. back.. scratching..

as Roxas beckons her from her safety place just under a gigantic wall of water, crashing.

Loose, hooded cloak, the Nobody symbol she drew and loved dearly.

Roxas: Yeah, I think I'll have to ask her about that when I see her again.

Brown-blond hair, spiked.

Roxas: Hey! Yeah! That's right!

Flicker - Tight, plated armor, the Heartless symbol emblazoned across his chest.

Silver hair, long and loose.



Roxas: No! I'm not! Stay away!

Riku: It's me!! IT'S ME!!

She is lucky, she thinks, that Nobodies do not need to breathe. Otherwise, Roxas and she would have long since stopped breathing.

Sora: Duh?

If not from the water, from Roxas' masterpiece.

He looks at her from across the Blizzaga'ed lamination, his mosaic sparkling away from his radiance.

Roxas: My.. radiance?

Riku: You´re like a lightbulb.

Roxas: Is this revenge for stealing your outfit?

His face, harsh with shadows, the waters soft and lapping, shimmering his light away.

Riku: And you´re going out now.

Do you like it, Namine, he is mouthing at her.

Roxas: *sweatdrop*

She cannot speak nor shake her head.

Sora: See, your creepy pedo-look creeped her out.

Roxas: What look?!



He walks closer, his eyes bluer than the turquoise surrounding them. Holds out his arms.

Riku: *sings* 'Cause I'm the oogie-boogie man..

The first shards of ice begin to break apart and drift away on the pounding currents.

Roxas: The currents will pulverize yoooou!

Namine, from the relative safety of the dark portal, steps into them, willingly.

Sora: And that, boys and girls, was the end of Naminé. She ended as a pulp.

As Roxas lets his concentration fade, he lets Namine float just above the sands.

Riku: Wingardium Leviosaaaa!!

Laughs at her, even if the light radiating from him renders his face cruel.

Riku: And the lightbulb shines again!

She doesn't flinch, not really.

Sora: Yes she does.

Roxas: Oh, you guys are seriously..

Sora: Loveable! *hugs*

Roxas: Awww.. *hugs*

Lets him put his arms around her and take her to the surface.

Riku: *shocked* You.. You..


Like petals, the floating shards sink again to the bottom.

Roxas: Hmm.. what would happen to the world if petals were made of shards of glass?

They are floating together, above the lines in the sand that he drew.

Her art is of pencils on paper, creating by memory the instinct that strides to mind.

Sora: I don't get it.

Roxas: You're so young. *sighs*

His art is of taking what is there and making it better. Shaping it to his want or need. Drawing in the sand. Teasing out the strands of possibility and making them thicker. Stronger. Bolder.

Roxas: No I don't. What's with that weird personality of mine?

Riku: It's a fanfic. It's unreal.

She is seeing, of his mosaic, a blur.

Roxas: Suddenly, I feel really insulted..

The Blizzaga shields far too much of it; his light, diffusing, is weak on the outlines.

Sora: And the bulb is weakening again..

She pushes her head near his ear.

Roxas: Woah, Woah! Wait! Personal boundaries man!

The movement of her lips on his earlobe jerks him until he feels what she is saying.

Riku: That's some serious body-language!

They sink slowly, together;


her sandals long since lost, his cloak in danger of drifting away.

"May I see?" she moves against his ear, and he smiles.

Roxas: No. No you can't.

The ice bursts, winging upwards like startled doves,

Sora: Ice.. like doves?

Riku: Don't. Too easy.

the light from Roxas reflecting a thousand views of them two embracing and the picture below through the shards that graze past, harmless.

Riku: *shields Sora's eyes*

Sora: Iewl!!

Roxas: I'm radiating light while embracing. That's not very healthy.

Riku: Light reflecting a thousand views?

It is of Roxas, she sees.

Roxas: What is?

Her colouring pencils will not do this justice.

Riku: Sora?

Sora: *shuts eyes again*

Riku: You can look now.

Sora: I don't want to. I want to dieeeee!!

Roxas, kneeling on Oblivion's hilt, tracing lines in sand with Oathkeeper. Lines in the sand of Namine, chewing on a pencil, indecisive of what to draw next.

Roxas: This is..

Riku: You can draw that detailed with a sword?

Roxas: Ehrm..

His face is ethereal when he laughs at her again.

Roxas: Ethereal: of the celestial spheres, heavenly,

Riku: not of this world, spiritual, highly refined,

Sora: delicate, characterized by lightness and insubstantiality, intangible.

All: None of them fit the character.

Sora: See, NOW I can look!

She knows he laughs because his body is shaking, his arms reaching out further to burst the light within the colorful jewels.

Riku: *Pointing fingers* Pop! There goes another light.. Pop!

She watches him in awe, thinks he is even more beautiful as his mosaic rises around them, scattered gemstones floating past, rubies and sapphires and emeralds and twilight gems, flickering firefly, pyrefly, away.

Sora: Oh my god. *looks at Roxas* Well, you are pretty..

Roxas: Is Pyrefly even a word?

Riku: *grabs dictionary* Nope. But, hey, what do you expect?

Flicker - she is cuddled into another chest, and he is more translucent, flickers of light fading away from his chest.

Roxas: I think she should get the hell out of my chest!

Sora: I´m trying, but I can´t see through you!

Riku: I thought only your face could radiate light? Gosh, It´s confusing.

There is hair hanging just in her sight, red hair

flicker - brown -

and his hair is blond, perhaps only in that light. It would have been brown otherwise, she knows, had he not changed.

Roxas: Sora, stay off the hair!

Sora: But.. I..

Riku: Roxas, you´re such a meanie!

Roxas: Aww.. Sorry Sora..

Sora: But.. I.. thought.. it was blonde!!

Blond-brown-blue. In this light, her dreams are fading.

Riku: And so Is Roxas´s dignity.

He lands her straight through a portal, sinking past the glass he fused together.

Lands her dry in her room, where she sprints to get her pencils and paper and spend another week recording what she remembers.

Sora: *sings* I'm not an addict.. Maybe that's a lieeeeee..

But she will forget, eventually, what stars flew past her and an almost-kiss,

Roxas: *eyes widen* Noooooooo!



the laws of physics be damned;

Riku: No comment.

Sora: Have fun floating. Or falling, for all I care. Or learn to fly, like all sues do.

falling head-first with someone that vanishes out of her memories except as another cloaked figure.

Roxas: Fine by me!

But he will not forget.

Roxas: Yes I will.

When he disappears, he will not forget.

Roxas: Yes I will.

Riku: *smack*

He watches her for as long as it will take, hood up and like any other Organization member;

Sora: *sighs* Yet.. so different..

All: *Staaaaaare*

waits, silent and invisible in a corner until her furious scritching fails again

Sora: Must.. Sratch.. Fur.. Feels.. gooooood..

and she chews on her pencil, indecisive.

Riku: Not knowing what to do with the flees.

Then he will appear, as if out of nowhere, and take her willing hand; introduce himself again, Number Thirteen, Roxas.

Roxas: At least she got that part right.

Sora: *staaaaaaaare*


Take her trusting through a portal, to a beach somewhere in a world out there.

Riku: Again, I don't get it.

Call his blades,

Sora: Come here boys!

Roxas: Daddy has a cookie for you!

Riku: That's a good boy.

call them Oblivion and Oathkeeper, and start drawing, two handed patience.

Sora: Two.. handed.. patience?

There must be fifty, by now, fifty dead mosaics flooded and dull, on many, many, dead worlds.

Riku: Murderer!

Sora: I always knew you were the one to cause this!

Drawing in the sand.

Sora, Riku: *standing up*

Sora: I didn't expect that from you Roxas!

Riku: Yeah, I thought you were above that!

Roxas: *still staring at the creen, eyes wide*

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