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Twisting Legs and Burning Insides 1


Title: Other Mediums
Author: KorelC

Rating: Three shadows, because of WEIRD TERMS, some serious CHEESY lines, and maximum OOCness.

Full Name (including any titles): Namine, Roxas
Full Species(es):  suicidus cheesycus
Hair Color (include adjectives): First “
Brown-blond hair, spiked.” but later There is hair hanging just in her sight, red hair, flicker - brown - and his hair is blond, perhaps only in that light. It would have been brown otherwise, she knows, had he not changed.” So, even the author isn't sure, and it sure ISN'T cannon.
Eye Color (include adjectives): “
He walks closer, his eyes bluer than the turquoise surrounding them.”
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features:
twisting legs, burning insides, willing hands, light radiating from his face, and many, MANY more.
Special Possessions (if any):
Blades. Yeah. And “Tight, plated armor, the Heartless symbol emblazoned across his chest. Silver hair, long and loose.”, weird attacks.

Castle Oblivion
Connections To Canon Characters: The colouring books?
Special Abilities: the ability to twist his legs, to fight like water, to burn on the inside, and the ability to change hair into all colours possible.
Other Annoying Traits:
Lots of cheesyness, details and very, very weird comparisons.
I Say/Notes:
This person obviously has a beta. Nobody can write this detailed, without any weird grammatical mistakes. Oh, and stealing Riku´s heartless outfit isn´t really cool.



We're in a theater. With a very sad little creature sitting in the front. Allll aloooooone.

Roxas: Wait. I can't be in this alone!!

Portal: *opens*

Sora, Riku: *step out*

Roxas: *cries hysterically and throws himself at their feet in a very uncharacteristic way*

Sora: Wait. Where is this? I thought we were going to the Pizza Hut?

Riku: Nope, you were going to the Pizza Hut. I, however, was planning on ditching you there and leaving for the bar next door.

Sora: Huh?

Riku: Never mind. I love you. Huuuug! *hug*

Sora: Aww! *hug*

Roxas: Ehr.. Yeah. Please stay!

Minutes pass by.

Roxas: Wait! I want in! Group huuuug! *hugs*

He is cursing,

Sora: NO wa-ay!

Riku: He didn't!

Sora: Oh! My! Go-od!

Riku: I simply can't comprehend it!

now, Oblivion and Oathkeeper flashing, bright and dark.

Sora: Oh my gooood! No waaaaaaaay!

Riku: I'm going to faint here, like, seriously!

Sora: I know, like, right now!

Roxas: Yeah, I gotta ask you two to stop that,

Sora: Oh na-aah!

Roxas: Yes I will.

There is an open portal to Betwixt and Between, and Namine is standing just beyond it, peering out onto his efforts.

Sora: *Opens mouth to say something dumb*

Roxas: Uh!

Sora: N-

Roxas: Uh!

Sora: Ne-

Roxas: Zipit!

He is not betraying his Superior...

Riku: Yes he is.

not quite,

Riku: Yes he is.

because the Superior told them not to let Namine set foot onto any other world, and she is not,

Riku: Yes she is.

not really -

Riku: Yes she is.

Roxas: Will you STOP that?

she is still within Betwixt and Between, still half-a-step away from her own room. Still half-a-step away from the coloured-pencils and sketchbook that the Superior allows her; her knowledge of her art frequently missing in places, learning as she goes.

Sora: It´s like a drug!

Riku: I was more surprised by the fact that she can actually LEARN.

And he, he is learning as he goes, also.

Riku: Hey Roxas! I didn't know you could learn!

Like her, his instincts come unbidden to his arms and shoulders and body, his legs twist smooth and flowing.

Sora: *looks at Roxas' legs in horror*

Riku: *raises eyebrow*

Both: *look at each other* *and turn to Roxas* Do it, do it, do it!!

Roxas: *rolleyes*

He fights like Demyx's water, except more smoothly, and if Namine had had the time she would have drawn that too.

Roxas: Wait. Where is Naminé anyways? She's in this fic right?

Sora: She's got the powa!

He waits, like Xigbar;

Sora: *whiny voice* You don't look like half the hero the others were.

waiting for the perfect shot.

Roxas: So, what? I'm a druggie now?!

Waits, and considers, like Zexion.

Riku: *hysterical* *as Zexion* How is this possible?!

Then attacks, flurry of blows,

Roxas: Wait. To easy.

storm of fire swathing glass. Like Axel.

Sora: Nope, just the effects of the Perfect Shot.

He moves steady, like Lexaeus.

Sora: *as Lexaeus* I'll awaken the dormant power! I have no limits!

Roxas: *as Lexaeus* I understand your resolution, however..

Riku: *as Lexaeus* You have no chance of victory!

Serene on the outside, burning on the inside,

Sora: *staaaaaare*

Roxas: *skoots*

Sora: *staaaaaare*

Roxas: Whaaaaaat?

Sora: Does it hurt?

like Saix.

Sora: *as Saix* All shall be lost to you!

Roxas: *as Saix* Moon! Shine down!

Riku: *as Saix* A heart.. If I had a heart..

With utmost assurance of his vision, like Xemnas. Gracefully.

Sora: *as Xemnas* Anger and Hate are Supreme!

Roxas: *as Xemnas* Why don´t you vanish!?

Riku: *as Xemnas* Cursed Fools!

He seems to pause for a moment, throwing himself into the air to look upon the odd swirls and slices in the dunes beneath him.

Roxas: He is GOD. At the Beginning of all Times!

Twisting in the air, he lands outside of a large curve, and frowns.

Namine hates to see him frown. Her hand itches for a pencil,

Sora: Must.. scratch.. Frown.. forces.. meeeee..

to draw his figure, gazing down at his handiwork. To keep this memory she has had, for she knows that if she is kept in her room again, without knowledge of time - Luxord's influence,

Sora: *as Luxord* How could you Roxas?

Roxas: *as Luxord* I´d rather just skip the formalities!

Riku: *as Luxord* Just a few souvenirs. For the memories.

mayhap -

Sora: *eyes widen*

Roxas: Wow. Haven't heard that in a looooooooong time.

her own memories will fade further. Each memory of Kairi and...S-sora?

Sora: Hey! *fumes*

is fleeting and translucent enough; her own, so much more fragile, so much more easily to be lost.

He is done with his pondering.

Riku: *amazed* Roxas! Roxas! *points* You're thinking again!

He throws himself into the air again, one blade flashing out of his grip to thud into the sand. He lands without overbalancing on the hilt, looking down, sinking Oblivion deeper into the sparkling sand, so much like gem dust.

Sora: ...


Roxas: Guys? *waves*

Sora: How old is this fanficcer?

He leaps straight up, casting back his hood with one gloved hand, throwing his Oathkeeper around him in a Fira Raid, burning and melting and fusing his blade slices into glass.

Raxas: Did I just..

Sora: Ruin your own sword? Not sure.

The glass is still steaming as he relands on Oblivion.

Sora: I think you did. You're standing on it now.

Namine claps for him, and stares as he throws another Fira Raid at a wall of crystal that she had thought to be part of this world.

Namine gasps for him when he Blizzagas the strange glass lines in the sand, covering them in a barrier of ice.

The crystal barrier cracks a sharp report as the keyblade sinks into it, melting its will away.

Sora: Well, there goes YOUR keyblade.

Roxas: Nuuooooooooo!

He manages - somehow - to pull Oblivion up from beneath his very feet and somersault onto his block of ice, skating off the edge.

Sora: Ah, there it is!

Part two is up!

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